RIP Gary Carter

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Creative Statement

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When faced with questions regarding my interests or dream career path I generally stay shut.  Growing up during the peak of the computer age my interests were not limited to what my parents showed me or what was on television. I have been using the Internet for entertainment and research since the 5th grade and because of this I have a wide array of interests and hobbies.  They vary from sports, music, comics, history, pretty much anything that has a Wikipedia page.

Before I decided to pursue Media studies I was pursuing a career in Science, taking a variety of upper level science and mathematics courses.  These courses taught me to analyze facts.  Conclusions are to be made from observations, results and data as opposed to personal perceptions and opinions.  This is why I want to be a Sports Analyst; A profession that entails the analysis of statistics to formulate a conclusion.

Ideas from the sports world are no longer statically based and unbiased.  They generally revolve around a person’s favorite teams or players, even if the facts lie elsewhere.  This is a problem in the sports world, where ESPN occupies your everyday sports fan’s television from morning to night.  Analysts just don’t get it right anymore.

In a world that thrives on competition and sports following is at an all time high, there needs to be a ground that promotes competitiveness as the essence of sports. My job is to use my natural gift of sports analysis to bring out the true natural beauty of the field and promote competition as opposed to displaying the rock star glimmer of today’s sports world.

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Story of My Name

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Hello world, i’d like to personally welcome you to The Kool Corner.  The Kool Corner is a blog which will be dedicated to my progressions in new media techniques.  My name is Giovanni Alvarado and I am going to begin my posts by dedicating some time to the story of my name.  I was given my name at birth because my mother refused to allow my father to pass on his name, Osvaldo, to me.  My mother remembered her friend Giovanni from high school and always fancied the name.  My mother and father haggled until the agreement was made in which Osvaldo would be my middle name and Giovanni my first.  My nickname is Gio (or G.O.).  I go by the spelling G-I-O because it is short for Giovanni but some of my relatives use the initials of my first and middle names.  After 22 years of life I still don’t know the correct spelling of my nickname, however, it does make for a pretty funny story.

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